I love meatball/Amo mi albóndiga

One of my favorite things to do is to stare at meatball. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I stare at her and I wonder what her life will be like. What will she be like? Where will she go and what path will she take? Of course only time knows what her future will be, all I know for certain is how much I adore her. She’s the light of my life, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my meatball. Breastfeeding and co-sleeping have helped me to tap into my strong maternal instinct. Though it is challenging at times and some people don’t understand it, I wouldn’t change anything I’ve been doing. I so strongly believe that babies are made for holding and nurturing. We need to embrace the natural mother that resides in all of us and set her free then watch our babies thrive.

Una de mis cosas favoritas para hacer es mirar a mi albóndiga. Ella es la chica más hermosa en el mundo para mí. La miro y me pregunto cómo será su vida? ¿Qué va a ser? ¿Dónde está dispuesta a llegar y qué camino va a tomar? Por supuesto que sólo el tiempo sabe lo que su futuro será, lo único que yo se con certeza es lo mucho que la adoro. Ella es la luz de mi vida, no hay nada qué yo no haría por mi albóndiga. La lactancia materna y el hecho de dormir con ella me han ayudado a descubrir mi instinto maternal. Aunque a veces es difícil y hay gente que no me entienden, no cambiaría nada de lo que he estado haciendo. Yo creo con mucha confianza qué los bebés son para abrazar y criar. Tenemos que aceptar a la madre natural que reside en todos nosotras y dejarla salir para luego ver a nuestros bebés triunfar.



March of Dimes! Please donate

This is an extremely important charity, as we all know, a full term baby is the healthiest of all, so let’s do all we can to make sure that women all over are given the proper care in order to give birth to full term babies!

If you’d like to donate, please click here!


Role models for our daughters

Good afternoon beautiful mamis!

As you all know, Meatball is only 10 months old but yes, I am thinking of how I plan to shape her little mind. I’m super concerned about the image of women in the media and the last thing I want is for my baby to grow up in a world where ratchet reality stars are the top role models.

Yes, I know that I will be meatball’s prime example of womanhood, but it’s good to have back ups (LOL) the women in the bottom row of the pic below will be just that!

What do you do or plan to do to surround your daughter with positive and strong female role models? Geek on mamis!!! Live long and prosper!!!Image

Follow your natural mami instinct and hold your babies

I had a conversation with another new mom and we both commented on how we’re criticized about how much we hold our babies and how we should let our kids just “Cry It Out”. Sure that might be what most parents in our midst do but we concluded that we follow our natural mami instincts and do what feels right. That means we pick up our babies, hold them, soothe them, sing to them, but most of all ENJOY them while they’re still little. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day only ours matter.

Good night mamis…snuggle up to your babies and give them an extra little squeeze tonight 🙂


Meatball Walks!

Hi Mamis!

I’m very happy to report that at 10 months and 1 week old meatball is walking!!! She never had a walker, I never bought her any stationary entertainers or jumpers on the advice of my very good friend VT. (child development specialist). The only tool I used a walking harness called “Walking Wings” faithfully every day for a couple of months (for about 10-15 minutes daily). I took a very “old world/natural parenting” approach and allowed her to crawl/roll around/sit/lay down on the floor and let her do her thing. I made sure I got her socks with little rubber grips so that she wouldn’t slip, and that the floors were always clean and baby proof.

I’m just so happy that meatball is walking 🙂

Click here to purchase Walking Wings.

Does anyone else have any walking stories or advice to share? Leave comments Mamis! Have a great afternoon 🙂

Galactagogues (errrr…what?) Increasing your milk supply by eating the right foods

Good afternoon mamis! This is a quick little post to let you all know what foods to eat to increase (galactagogue…big word on a Monday YIKES) or in some cases jump start your milk supply. My supply is still really good (10 months strong…YAYYYY) but I have noticed a little dip in supply (which is normal because meatball is eating some solids during the day). I’m not concerned enough to start taking fenugreek supplements again but I’d like to keep the milk coming so I did some research and have compiled a list of foods that help support milk production. The no brainer here is….WATER. You must drink, drink, drink, drink WATER to make milk…and even if you aren’t breastfeeding..this is just fact…we need to be well hydrated to function at our best level…but yeah…WATER is crucial when you’re making that liquid gold!

ok..onto the rest of the list (in no particular order)



Spinach (dark leafy greens in general)


Flax-seed oil

Raw nuts



The list isn’t that crazy and all of these items are very easy to find and incorporate into a daily diet. I like to use spinach instead of lettuce in my salads, and add raw nuts as an ingredient. Ginger is a great addition to any juice (I’m a big fan of juicing). One of my favorite juices is made of Kale (dark leafy green), green apples, celery, lemons and ginger…it’s tasty and combines 2 galactagogues…BOOM…winning! I’m not a huge fan of beets or yams, but I eat them because I know it’s good for me all around (how adult of me) but in short, even eating oatmeal for breakfast can help…and who doesn’t like a nice cup of cinammon brown sugar oatmeal with blueberries and bananas (recipe below)? I think you’ll find that these foods aren’t that hard to eat (toasted garlic bread anyone???), are nutritionally sound and will benefit you in more ways than just making milk…so get to eating mamis!

Blueberry Banana Oatmeal (my personal recipe)

1/2 cup of oats (I use the regular kind, not the instant 1 minute variety)

1 cup of almond milk (or water, regular milk, soy milk..your choice)

1 small to medium banana

1/2 cup of blueberries (or any fresh, ripe berry)

A couple of sticks of cinammon

Raw brown sugar (to taste..but try not to add too much, let’s be friendly to our waists)

2 or 3 cloves (optional)

2 or 3 star anise (optional)

Cinnamon powder

In a pot, bring the almond milk, cinnamon sticks, cloves and anise (if you choose to add), sugar to a simmer. Then add the oats and stir constantly to avoid clumps. Once the oatmeal reaches desired consistency, plate it and while it cools down, slice the banana. Add the banana slices and blueberries as a topping and if you wish, you can sprinkle some ground cinnamon, brown sugar or drizzle honey or agave syrup, eat and enjoy! This is a hearty breakfast, full of fiber and keeps you nice and full through out the morning!

I hope you all enjoy some galactagogue foods this week mamis!


Made by me…easy and yummy!