Follow your natural mami instinct and hold your babies

I had a conversation with another new mom and we both commented on how we’re criticized about how much we hold our babies and how we should let our kids just “Cry It Out”. Sure that might be what most parents in our midst do but we concluded that we follow our natural mami instincts and do what feels right. That means we pick up our babies, hold them, soothe them, sing to them, but most of all ENJOY them while they’re still little. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day only ours matter.

Good night mamis…snuggle up to your babies and give them an extra little squeeze tonight 🙂



2 thoughts on “Follow your natural mami instinct and hold your babies

  1. I also get criticized by family members for holding my baby too much. They say he’s too dependent on me but I don’t mind always being there for him. He sleeps in bed with me and I also don’t mind that because it’s the inly way he sleeps since he hates his crib.
    Im curious, did your daughter sleep with you at any point?

    • Hi Estrella! Do not listen to what anyone says about you holding your baby too much. You are being a mami and giving him love. That’s what mamis do! And as for your question, my secret confession is….YES and she still does and I’m not planning to change that anytime soon. I’ll write a post on that very soon so please stay tuned.

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