Working mom problems Part 2 – Seriously wishing I worked from home

So far this week I’ve had to pry meatball off of me in the morning before leaving to work. It’s completely heartbreaking. I am nearly in tears walking out the door. After 8.5 months of doing this, I still can’t get used to it…if you read the blog you know I’ve been struggling with this (Read: Working mom problems)

What I think I can get used to is working from home. I am working on another project (more details coming soon) and had to fulfill some obligations yesterday, so I took the day and worked from home until I had to leave. It was GLORIOUS! I called clients while I was nursing her. I was able to send massive emails while she napped or played quietly. I got to give her lunch and bathe her. I didn’t need to pump (yayyyy for my sanity). It was amazing…so I started thinking…why can’t I do this all the time?

I’m sure it’s not easy working from home, I mean, you can’t possibly feel productive while working in your jammies all the time. And here’s a confession…sometimes I like coming to work (don’t get me wrong, I love my job) because I get to take an extended mami break and go without the fear of spit up or drool landing on my favorite shirt but overall…I HATE leaving my little one in the morning.

Although my employer is quite understanding I’m pretty sure they’re not going to allow me to stay home to work… since that’s not happening I have to hit the lotto. You’ll see me online at the lotto machine at the bodega tonight…