To all my devoted mamis out there

Wanted to share this cute comic. This goes out to all mamis out there. We do hard work but the reward is great.

Have a good day mamis



High heels for your toddler?!?!?

I took a trip to Payless Shoe Source to pick up some shoes for meatball. She’s outgrowing everything so quickly, and me being the frugal mami I am, refuse to spend an arm and a leg for shoes that aren’t going to fit her after 1.5 months or less. Plus it’s BOGO and who doesn’t like that? So I’m walking down the aisle and I spot hot pink strappy heeled sandals.

Really???? Heels for a toddler? My baby can barely walk straight with gummy flats…what if she breaks her ankle traipsing around in hot pink heels? What genius at Payless’ corporate headquarters thought a toddler would be able to walk in heels? Seriously??? Obviously a man thought of that because no woman would ever think to inflict the pain of heels on a 1 year old.

I don’t like the idea of heels because a baby girl does not need heels. Heels are for WOMEN not girls, not toddlers, and certainly not infants. Can we stop rushing our children to grow up?

Mamis…your opinions on this?


What do you do in your lactation room?

Hi mamis

As I prepare to head up to my lactation room, I’m thinking about what to bring upstairs with me to entertain me for the next 15-20 minutes. You all know how tiring/annoying I find pumping to be, so entertainment is essential. At times I bring my laptop and do some work, but most times I welcome the break and just play Ruzzle instead (VR167 if you want to play a game). I have a little stash of tabloid magazines, some snacks and some catalogs to browse when Ruzzle gets boring. I’m thinking of bringing my knitting needles and yarn (yes…I have some grandma like qualities…IDC) and finally getting started on a new blanket for meatball. So as I plan my routine pumping torture, I’m wondering…what do other mamis do in their lactation rooms? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could sneak in a quick nap while pumping..tee hee (I might actually try to do this tomorrow morning)

Have a good evening mamis!

OMG…a beautiful way to preserve your breastfeeding memories

I have recently discovered and I am completely hooked. I have gotten meatball several items from the site such as some beautiful handmade headbands, shoes and I just placed an order for a birthday tutu and party favors. I can’t wait to receive my haul. Upon leaving some feedback I was suggested (by the site) to look at Mommy Milk designs and I was BLOWN AWAY! This clever crafter found a way to incorporate preserved breast milk into jewelry. As a fervent breastfeeder, you already know I am ordering my pendant immediately. I would love to look at my pendant with meatball’s name and my milk years from now and smile at the incredible nursing experience I lived with her. It’s a tangible representation of the love I have for her and nursing. Amaze-balls.

If you’re curious about the pieces, browse the pics below or go to the site.


Even with locks of hair....LOVE!

My fave

My fave

It’s no use crying over spilled milk…unless you’re pumping…

Good afternoon mamis..,.

So the saying goes…there is no use in crying over spilled milk…well clearly the person that coined this phrase did not pump breast milk….I’m so sad right now!!

While I don’t consider myself a big crier, I have been known to cry at movies and those sad ASPCA commercials that air too frequently (when I hear Sarah McLachlan or Willie Nelson on TV I scramble to change the channel). But one thing that makes me cry for sure is spilling an entire bottle of freshly pumped milk. I shed a couple of frustrated tears, I admit it!

Am I overreacting…maybe…but losing this bit of milk along with my diminishing milk supply is putting me in a funky mood especially because now I have to drink extra water and squeeze in an extra pumping session -_-

How do you deal with spilled milk? Do you cry or do you pump some more?


This is what heartbreak looks like

Breastfeeding in public….do you or don’t you?

Hello mamis!
I had a morning off this week and I was able to watch some daytime TV. During one of the commercial breaks I managed to catch a Luvs Diapers commercial where a mom is shown breastfeeding her baby at a restaurant. It’s a really cute and clever commercial, click here to see it. (By the way…if you use disposable diapers, consider getting Luvs. They’re a cross between Pampers and Huggies, work just as well and are cheaper…WIN!) I was so impressed by the commercial that I looked it up on YouTube and watched it several times. Then I started reading the comments and I couldn’t believe how many people found the commercial offensive! Some folks were highly offended that they were “forced” to seeing a woman’s breasts on daytime television (really…these are the same folks watching sex in the afternoon on the soap operas…but whatever). I fought the urge and did not leave any snotty comments to the ignorant posters on the Luvs YouTube channel but the whole thing made me think, why are people so offended by something so natural?

In today’s media we’re bombarded with images of scantily clad women with plenty of cleavage all out and no one says a thing, but a woman decides to feed her child and it’s a big deal? Sometimes I can’t understand humans. Seriously.

Anyways, have any of you ever nursed in public without a cover? Are you pro, against or indifferent? I myself have nursed in public, covered and uncovered…or rather, I start off covered but meatball despises blankets and literally pulls any cover off. After a while I stopped fighting her and just let it all hang out (haha). I still make sure that no one sees my nips (in my book if you see areola, then you’re really seeing boob). To date I have only received one negative reaction and that was one hornball that wanted to hit on me while nursing but my family members quickly stepped in and dealt with the idiot. Other than that it’s been smooth sailing…so what about you mamis? Do you cover up or not?

And with that…I’m off to my lactation room 🙂