Sneaking exercise in – Introducing Val’s Weekly Challenge

Hi mamis!

I have a confession to make….I haven’t been working out. My chichos are no smaller thanks to not working out consistently and not watching what I eat (Girl Scout cookies are a killer). So instead of beating myself up about it, I have decided to look for ways to add exercise into my normal everyday activities (aside from recommitting to working out 3x a week at home). I have come up with a weekly challenge designed to make me move more, sweat more and burn those pesky calories that have crept up on me.

So without further delay:

Val’s Weekly Challenge is on!

Week 1’s challenge is…STAIRS…no elevator for a week (or longer if you want to really commit). I hope my fellow mamis join me…at the very least your booty will get a lift!

No Elevators

Stylish Stairs


Too busy to clean???

Hi Mamis!!!!

Our lives are hectic and sometimes little things like cleaning take a back seat to taking care of our babies. So what to do about cleaning??? If you’re in NYC hire my good friend Tammy….check out her cleaning service. She’s good. I know from firsthand experience!!!

Contact Tammy
to Get it done!


Happy Mother’s Day/Feliz Dia de las Madres

Happy Mother’s day to all my dedicated mamis out there! This isn’t the easiest job in the world but it certainly has the best rewards. Enjoy the day!

Feliz dia de las madres a todas las mamis dedicadas! No es facil trabajo hacer mami pero tiene el mejor pago. Disfruten de su dia!


Happy Birthday Meatball ~ Breastfeeding Anniversary

Today Meatball turned 1! She’s no longer a baby, she’s officially a toddler. And so begins my journey into extended breastfeeding.

I am so proud of myself for having stuck to nursing for 1 year. When I first had Meatball my objective was to just make it to 6 months. Now here I am currently breastfeeding a toddler! It hasn’t been an easy journey and pumping gets annoying but the benefits greatly outweigh the hassles.

So kudos to me and I’ll post soon…Meatball is currently rooting for my boon…

Buenas noches mamis and once again….

Happy Birthday Meatball! Te amo!



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