I’m spoiled…my daughter isn’t!

Hi Mamis!

Yes it’s been a while, as they say life gets in the way. Work and family obligations have kept me from blogging, but I’m back!

This morning I’m blogging live from the Amtrak Northeast Regional headed to Boston. As per my job, I have to visit clients and get in some face time. Normally this would be a welcome trip but I find myself full of anxiety because I am about 250 miles away from Meatball. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and I do it well, but I also love being close enough to drop everything and run home to my daughter if need be. Thankfully this is a day trip and I’ll be home in time for supper, but still I’m a ball of nerves. I keep looking at my daughter’s pictures and text messaging my Mami aka Meatball’s sitter asking her what she’s doing and requesting picture upon picture upon picture. Of course Meatball is oblivious to all of this, she’s too busy playing with her toys and wreaking havoc to notice that her Mami is far away.

So this makes me think…..who’s the spoiled one here? I don’t think it’s Meatball….I think it’s me! I am so completely attached to my daughter. The thought of not being with her for more than 12 hours (my limit) completely fills me with dread and panic. Now I know that circumstances will arise where I have to be away from her but right now I can’t even bear to think of that. How do you mamis let go and deal with being away from your babies? I’m really curious as to what will happen when I have to go on a short trip (sans Meatball) this September.


Ok…Boston is waiting for me Mamis! Have a great day!