Weird mami behavior

Something you should know about me??? I’m really weird. Especially when no one is watching LoL.
An example of my weird mami behavior???
I sniff meatball’s head for at least 10-15 minutes a day. I can’t get enough of her baby scent. It’s the best scent in the world to me. She smells like baby and I honestly want to inhale her. Yeah…I’m a weirdo because I don’t see or hear about other mamis sniffing their babies. I also spend a good amount of time touching her unbelievably soft skin while simultaneously wishing my skin was that soft. I also talk to her in different voices when we’re playing with her toys or reading books (which isn’t that weird but I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a loon).
What secret weirdo rituals do you do with your babies?

Want some free pizza? Breastfeed!

Nursing in public can be controversial. You might get a great reaction, no reaction or a very negative one. I myself have nursed in public, though I don’t try to do it unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s also hard for me since meatball hates nursing under a cover. She just pulls it off, ha ha she wants the world to see her nursing.

Anyhoot…Today on my Breastfeeding Google alert I came across this really cute story…A woman in the Midwest was nursing her toddler at a pizza restaurant and because of that very natural act, the waitress paid for her pizza and left her a sweet note.

Check out the cute story here.

We need more of these…Normalize Breastfeeding!

I’m back and still pumping

Hi mamis!

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted. Who says the summer slows things down?

Meatball has been keeping me very busy, I recently got to spend 2 whole weeks with her and it was amazing (a lot of work, but amazing).  Now that I’m back at work, it dawned on me.

I’ve been pumping for a year!!! For 52 weeks I’ve been going to my lactation room 2x a day, Monday through Friday. Without fail. I’ve pumped at restaurants, bathrooms, moving cars and even on the northeast regional express Amtrak train (that was something else).  It’s been challenging and frustrating at times, but I’m happy that I kept (and am keeping) up with it. Meatball is thriving, and she shows no signs of letting the boob go anytime soon. So I’ll keep my keys to the lactation room (which has been moved to my floor and is super close to my cubicle!) and keep on pumping!