Protecting our children – our treasures.

Hello Mamis…

This morning one of my friends sent me a text asking me to report a profile on Instagram because it contained disgusting images. So what do I do? I go on the page expecting to see crazy images but I was NOT prepared for what I saw. I saw images of children that NO ONE should have to see. It was completely disgusting and vile. I won’t soon forget those images and it saddens and angers me to know that pedophiles even exist. Of course we all know there is evil in the world, but what a wake up call. I think we sometimes tend to live in bubbles and forget about issues and matters that don’t affect us directly. I am totally guilty of that. Sometimes I get consumed about things going on in Planet ME that I lose touch with the real world.  Let me tell you…this was a rude awakening. I can’t turn a blind eye to this because it’s not (thank the good Lord!) happened to me or anyone I know (that I know of).

Now in this case, I decided to figure out what are the proper steps to take when you encounter an atrocity like this. Obviously, if you witness a crime like this taking place, you need to call the authorities and if you can stop it, STOP IT. But in cyberspace (ie: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, insert trendy social media site here) you can’t do that. You can report offensive profiles by clicking on the report/block option on the image(s) in question. But don’t think it’s done there. You can also report offensive media or any crimes against children to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. They have a Cyber Tip Line where you can make anonymous or non-anonymous reports.

The New York State Troopers have a very informative page on internet crimes against children, and they also have a tip line as well. I’m sure each state has a page or agency that deals with this sort of thing, so make sure you do some research and educate yourselves.

Mamis…I’ll finish this post by saying this….Our Children are our greatest treasures. We are put on this earth to protect, guide, raise and love them. So love your babies Mamis…and love yourselves…because you’re doing an amazing job keeping your babies safe, happy and healthy.

Thrush – Say What Now?

Hi Mamis

A couple of months ago while I was nursing my growing meatball I started experiencing a stinging pain in my nipples. I brushed it off thinking meatball was probably nursing with a bad latch. Later that evening it happened again and I didn’t think anything of it. A couple of days later while brushing meatball’s teeth I noticed her gums where very white and brushing wasn’t getting rid of it. I was still experiencing stinging nipple pain even when I wasn’t nursing. I was perplexed so of course like any 21st century mami, I googled meatball’s curious symptoms.

The first thing that popped up was “Oral Thrush”. Something I’ve never heard of in my life. What is oral thrush you ask? It’s basically a yeast infection of the mouth. How does a baby get thrush? How is it cured? Can you prevent it? You can find the particulars here.

What did I do after being internet doctor and diagnosing my daughter? I made an appointment to see meatball’s pediatrician and the pediatrician right away said “yeap…it’s thrush” and told me she was going to prescribe meatball some liquid anti-fungal stuff and told me to call my OB/GYN to get treatment. I was really upset but the pediatrician assured me that thrush is quite common and easy to cure.

All in all, it took about 5 days for thrush to clear up. There have been no recurrences since then but I did take some precautionary measures and threw out all of her old pacifiers (Click here to look through my favorite brand of pacifiers) got news ones and thoroughly cleaned and steamed all of her favorite toys.

Has anyone here experienced thrush as well? Any tips or advice on how to deal with it?

Thanks for reading mamis! Have a great afternoon 🙂

Babies are humans too

Came across this and I needed to share…sometimes we expect our kids to do things we ourselves cannot do.

Food for thought!

Have a good Day mamis! And happy Veteran’s day to my armed forces mamis across the world. Thank you for keeping us safe.