Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year Mamis!!!

I know I’ve been pretty awful at updating my blog, but it’s one of my goals this year…to regularly keep updating my blog and sharing my thoughts..

When I started this blog I thought I could handle everything…but the last 3 years have taught me that no…I am not superwoman…she is a fictional character that only exists in comic books. I exist in the real world…where things get complicated!

One of the things that got complicated for me this past year is BREASTFEEDING!

I’m ready to stop and reclaim my breasts but my daughter thinks otherwise. She is still nursing…no where near as frequently (only 2x a day, but countless times at night since we still co-sleep) and it makes me feel guilty… Why do I want to take her milk away? Does this make me any less of scrunchy attachment parent? Is this a new mami coming out of my hippie skin?

So now I have to think of ways to gently wean my daughter off the boob, and feel okay about it…

To be continued…the struggle of weaning 😦

Do any of you struggle with any parenting challenges?


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