Traveling without baby….yikes!!!

Hi all…I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but what can I say? It’s been hectic. So hectic that I needed a little getaway to clear my mind and reset.

I went to Punta Cana with my girls and had an amazing time, got to reconnect with myself and got some sleep..but I didn’t make the decision to go lightly. Yes I’m still nursing and pumping, so that was a huge factor..I’m also co-sleeping so I was really anxious about Meatball waking up scared without mami. After mulling it over, my babysitter aka my mami convinced me to go and took care of meatball for the weekend. After the decision was made, I had to go into planning mode…what does a nursing mom take with her on vacation? Where does she pump? How does she store the milk?

Luckily for the first leg of my trip was short so I didn’t have to pump, I made sure I nursed meatball right before I left for the airport. Once I got to my destination, I set up shop with my Medela Pump In Style Advanced and pumped. I froze my milk, but sadly that milk and almost all of my stash ended up a casualty of airport security. Note…you CANNOT transport liquids even if it’s your own breast milk so I had to toss my stash. I was super pissed but I also didn’t want to get kicked out of the airport (yikes!)

Back to my pumping…I had to do it often and though I did have a nice hotel room to do it in…the real tricky part came when I found myself on a plane with very engorged breasts. So what did I do? Simple..I had no choice but to pump, so I asked the flight attendant if I could pump in the plane bathroom and she said yes. I have to say it wasn’t a prime pumping spot, but it was more than adequate. The bathrooms on Jet Blue are quite clean and as spacious as I’ve seen (for a plane toilet). I was able to pump out 8 ounces, clean up and go back to my seat in 10 minutes. When I was done the flight attendant asked me if I needed to refrigerate my milk or if I needed anything else. They even offered to move my seat to an aisle for easier access to the bathroom. The attention from the crew was AWESOME. They were very nice and accommodating, and because of that I am making sure to fly Jet Blue whenever I can!

So was traveling as a pumping mom annoying…yes…but was it unmanageable? NO. So far I can say I’ve pumped on a train, plane and automobile! Ha ha! Proud member of the Mile High Pumping Mami Club!



Sneaking exercise in – Introducing Val’s Weekly Challenge

Hi mamis!

I have a confession to make….I haven’t been working out. My chichos are no smaller thanks to not working out consistently and not watching what I eat (Girl Scout cookies are a killer). So instead of beating myself up about it, I have decided to look for ways to add exercise into my normal everyday activities (aside from recommitting to working out 3x a week at home). I have come up with a weekly challenge designed to make me move more, sweat more and burn those pesky calories that have crept up on me.

So without further delay:

Val’s Weekly Challenge is on!

Week 1’s challenge is…STAIRS…no elevator for a week (or longer if you want to really commit). I hope my fellow mamis join me…at the very least your booty will get a lift!

No Elevators

Stylish Stairs

187 Fitness Customized Workouts! *Mami Rave*

I’m sore. Really sore. Even my scalp is sore…and boy do I LOVE it! I’m on week 2 of my customized fitness and nutrition plan designed by 187 Fitness (or as he is more commonly known “the greatest trainer in the world”…I’m not kidding.). Every week I get a new set of toning routines to do at home (cost: $50 a month plus free consultation), and I add yoga or cardio (dancing or a zumba tape) to get a complete workout. I eat healthfully, drink copious amounts of water and boom!!!! My tummy and arms are tightening up. My legs are less jiggly, I’m not winded going up 2 flights of stairs when I’m headed to my lactation room. It’s a really good feeling when you notice your body snapping back into shape.

What’s important to note is that you should ease back into working out very slowly. If you do too much too soon, you’ll probably injure yourself or add to an already high exhaustion level, and in some cases all those extra hormones released when you work out might actually change the flavor of your milk..leading to your baby refusing the breast. Nothing…not even 6 pack abs is worth that!!!

So remember….TAKE IT EASY and if you live in NYC or surrounding areas and want a workout plan that’s tailored to your specifics needs and wants, contact 187 Fitness!

9 months in 9 months out

Meatball is still sleeping (sleeping in feels delicious) so I have a few minutes to post.

Has anyone ever heard of the saying “9 months in, 9 months out”? It refers to the amount of time your body will need to recover and go back to normal after having a baby. I read this and it makes total sense!!!! I don’t feel bad about having this extra bit of tummy (that I’m working on eliminating). I honestly thought that 6 weeks after giving birth I would be back at the gym, working out and 6 weeks after that I’d be back to normal.

How wrong was I???? Aside from not having time, I had little energy. I was depressed about my hair falling out (and boy did it!), I was consumed with breastfeeding and establishing a milk supply, I slept (or didn’t sleep) sporadically, and I was a massive sweat bucket (yuck). I felt so unattractive and blah. Being a new mom IS NOT easy! You’re a mess, your exxxxxxxxtra emotional (I cried A LOT), you mourn your carefree old life and on top of it all…you feel fat!

BUT the good news is that as meatball got older she started sleeping longer stretches at night (I still nurse at night, about 2-3 times so you can catch me awake at 1:30am and 4am, so hit me up..we’ll chat LOL) I started getting more sleep. I felt better in the mornings. I didn’t fall asleep on the 4 train as much. My hair stopped falling out. I keep losing weight thanks to breastfeeding. My old pre prego clothes fit again and sometimes too big! I was feeling good enough to throw on my Nike tights and not cringe at my appearance. So that’s what I do. I work out with my spare, precious 15 minutes.
Now I have the strength to do some of my old kickass, intense workouts (speaking of which, if you are in NYC and want to workout with an amazing trainer, leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch with an AMAZING trainer).

So new moms, don’t feel bad because you’re not bouncing back as soon as you thought! We are not celebrities. Beyonce can look that great after giving birth because she has a TON OF HELP! She probably has a couple of nannies and trust me…she felt just as sloppy as we did/do. It TAKES TIME to grow a baby, and it takes time for the body to fully recover from that. In less than a year you created a little life and grew it, delivered it and are caring for it…that’s a major trauma on your body. It took 9 months to grow a big belly, it will take about 9 months to lose it. And if you haven’t lost it…no worries mamis…it’s never too late to start.

Ok…meatball is waking up…I’ll do another post later about exercises you can do while carrying your angel…FUN!!!!!! (seriously…that’s my definition of fun loooool)

Hasta luego mamis!

***having some difficulty posting my 9 months in pic… Stay tuned