It’s been a long time!

Hi Mamis!

So the summer has passed us by (was it ever really even here?) and I’m still breastfeeding…


The good news is that it’s down to 2x a day

The bad news is that my breasts are still not mine

I’m trying to wean on my daughter’s time table but man…I’m dying to get my boobs back!

While this happens I promise to keep updating my blog (even when life gets in the way) and I’m thinking of expanding this internet space of mine to include more product reviews, raves, bashes, and Mami life hacks…what do you all think?

Let me know Mamis…

Have a great afternoon 🙂


Excuse me? you’re disgusted by my breast milk? *mami rant*

You know what grinds my gears? When WOMEN feel the need to approach me and express disgust at my milk. FOR REAL THOUGH? A co-worker of mine expressed disgust at my washing bottles clean at the kitchen sink and made a big stink about contaminating the sink with milk “germs”. MILK GERMS??? REALLY? Did you not graduate from ANY SCHOOL?

First of all, no one asked you for your opinion and second of all, you’re an owner of a pair of breasts…did you not know that the purpose of breasts is to make and deliver milk? Why is feeding my child milk that I make disgusting? It’s NATURAL! It’s the way women are made!

Instead of getting right back at her, I very calmly told her “making milk is what your breasts are designed for, not for displaying saggy ones work”  (a bit immature and a cheap shot, but it felt good so IDC!) and walked away.

SMH at the ignorance and gall of this particular woman and I hope one day I can spill a bottle of breast milk all over her….but in all seriousness, we as women need to support each other and make each other more aware of breast feeding and make the act of breastfeeding commonplace again.

How would you have handled the situation? Has anyone encountered this form of bullying? Let me know mamis…