It’s been a long time!

Hi Mamis!

So the summer has passed us by (was it ever really even here?) and I’m still breastfeeding…


The good news is that it’s down to 2x a day

The bad news is that my breasts are still not mine

I’m trying to wean on my daughter’s time table but man…I’m dying to get my boobs back!

While this happens I promise to keep updating my blog (even when life gets in the way) and I’m thinking of expanding this internet space of mine to include more product reviews, raves, bashes, and Mami life hacks…what do you all think?

Let me know Mamis…

Have a great afternoon 🙂


I’m back and still pumping

Hi mamis!

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted. Who says the summer slows things down?

Meatball has been keeping me very busy, I recently got to spend 2 whole weeks with her and it was amazing (a lot of work, but amazing).  Now that I’m back at work, it dawned on me.

I’ve been pumping for a year!!! For 52 weeks I’ve been going to my lactation room 2x a day, Monday through Friday. Without fail. I’ve pumped at restaurants, bathrooms, moving cars and even on the northeast regional express Amtrak train (that was something else).  It’s been challenging and frustrating at times, but I’m happy that I kept (and am keeping) up with it. Meatball is thriving, and she shows no signs of letting the boob go anytime soon. So I’ll keep my keys to the lactation room (which has been moved to my floor and is super close to my cubicle!) and keep on pumping!

I’m spoiled…my daughter isn’t!

Hi Mamis!

Yes it’s been a while, as they say life gets in the way. Work and family obligations have kept me from blogging, but I’m back!

This morning I’m blogging live from the Amtrak Northeast Regional headed to Boston. As per my job, I have to visit clients and get in some face time. Normally this would be a welcome trip but I find myself full of anxiety because I am about 250 miles away from Meatball. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and I do it well, but I also love being close enough to drop everything and run home to my daughter if need be. Thankfully this is a day trip and I’ll be home in time for supper, but still I’m a ball of nerves. I keep looking at my daughter’s pictures and text messaging my Mami aka Meatball’s sitter asking her what she’s doing and requesting picture upon picture upon picture. Of course Meatball is oblivious to all of this, she’s too busy playing with her toys and wreaking havoc to notice that her Mami is far away.

So this makes me think…..who’s the spoiled one here? I don’t think it’s Meatball….I think it’s me! I am so completely attached to my daughter. The thought of not being with her for more than 12 hours (my limit) completely fills me with dread and panic. Now I know that circumstances will arise where I have to be away from her but right now I can’t even bear to think of that. How do you mamis let go and deal with being away from your babies? I’m really curious as to what will happen when I have to go on a short trip (sans Meatball) this September.


Ok…Boston is waiting for me Mamis! Have a great day!

Working mom problems Part 2 – Seriously wishing I worked from home

So far this week I’ve had to pry meatball off of me in the morning before leaving to work. It’s completely heartbreaking. I am nearly in tears walking out the door. After 8.5 months of doing this, I still can’t get used to it…if you read the blog you know I’ve been struggling with this (Read: Working mom problems)

What I think I can get used to is working from home. I am working on another project (more details coming soon) and had to fulfill some obligations yesterday, so I took the day and worked from home until I had to leave. It was GLORIOUS! I called clients while I was nursing her. I was able to send massive emails while she napped or played quietly. I got to give her lunch and bathe her. I didn’t need to pump (yayyyy for my sanity). It was amazing…so I started thinking…why can’t I do this all the time?

I’m sure it’s not easy working from home, I mean, you can’t possibly feel productive while working in your jammies all the time. And here’s a confession…sometimes I like coming to work (don’t get me wrong, I love my job) because I get to take an extended mami break and go without the fear of spit up or drool landing on my favorite shirt but overall…I HATE leaving my little one in the morning.

Although my employer is quite understanding I’m pretty sure they’re not going to allow me to stay home to work… since that’s not happening I have to hit the lotto. You’ll see me online at the lotto machine at the bodega tonight…

Working mom problems

Meatball is 8 months old. I had to return to work when she was 6 weeks old (would have been 12 but I started my job already knocked up and didn’t qualify for the company’s mat leave) so I should be used to this right? NOPE! WRONG! I absolutely dread Monday mornings because after spending 2 whole days with meatball I have to leave her and go to work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the people I work with, it’s just super difficult to leave my baby. I wish I could bring her with me to work. I’m a complete mess on Monday mornings. I admit it…I tear up on my walk to the train station. Does any mom ever get used to this? Why do most of us American moms have to rush back to work as soon as 6 weeks after giving birth (grrrrr)? Canada gives women the option of taking anywhere from 17-52 weeks of PAID maternity leave (dependent on the length of time worked, etc) and what does the US give? ZEROOOOOOO!!!! We don’t have paid maternity leave..we get short term disability (as if having a child is a disability :-/). Offering paid mat leave is up to employers. Some of us are lucky, we have nice employers, but wouldn’t we all love for mat leave to be a mandatory benefit? Which one of us wouldn’t jump at the chance to stay home for a year with our news babies and not have to worry about job security?

Would we all work if we had a choice? I wonder how other moms deal with going to work. They say babies can go through something called “separation anxiety” but it should be noted that parents go through it as well. What do you all think about this? How do you or did you deal with going back to work? Is it still a struggle for most of you? Please share your thoughts mamis…I know I can’t be the only lunatic emo sniffling on the 4 train on her way to work!