Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year Mamis!!!

I know I’ve been pretty awful at updating my blog, but it’s one of my goals this year…to regularly keep updating my blog and sharing my thoughts..

When I started this blog I thought I could handle everything…but the last 3 years have taught me that no…I am not superwoman…she is a fictional character that only exists in comic books. I exist in the real world…where things get complicated!

One of the things that got complicated for me this past year is BREASTFEEDING!

I’m ready to stop and reclaim my breasts but my daughter thinks otherwise. She is still nursing…no where near as frequently (only 2x a day, but countless times at night since we still co-sleep) and it makes me feel guilty… Why do I want to take her milk away? Does this make me any less of scrunchy attachment parent? Is this a new mami coming out of my hippie skin?

So now I have to think of ways to gently wean my daughter off the boob, and feel okay about it…

To be continued…the struggle of weaning 😦

Do any of you struggle with any parenting challenges?


Mami Shortcuts

Hi Mamis…

So I just finished giving myself a 10 minute manicure over at Sephora…and while I was waiting for my polish to dry (Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer in Oui – amazing purple/pink color) I started thinking about mami shortcuts.

Our time is limited so we come up with time savers – for everything. For example…I apply my makeup during my commute to work (only recommended if you have steady hands and nerves of steel). I often eat at my desk so I have my lunch hour free to devote to personal errands, etc. So this afternoon when I grew tired of looking at my man hands so I ran into Sephora and spent $0 on a nice manicure. Whohooo! It’s the little things that keeps me going!

What are your mami shortcuts? Please share!

Thrush – Say What Now?

Hi Mamis

A couple of months ago while I was nursing my growing meatball I started experiencing a stinging pain in my nipples. I brushed it off thinking meatball was probably nursing with a bad latch. Later that evening it happened again and I didn’t think anything of it. A couple of days later while brushing meatball’s teeth I noticed her gums where very white and brushing wasn’t getting rid of it. I was still experiencing stinging nipple pain even when I wasn’t nursing. I was perplexed so of course like any 21st century mami, I googled meatball’s curious symptoms.

The first thing that popped up was “Oral Thrush”. Something I’ve never heard of in my life. What is oral thrush you ask? It’s basically a yeast infection of the mouth. How does a baby get thrush? How is it cured? Can you prevent it? You can find the particulars here.

What did I do after being internet doctor and diagnosing my daughter? I made an appointment to see meatball’s pediatrician and the pediatrician right away said “yeap…it’s thrush” and told me she was going to prescribe meatball some liquid anti-fungal stuff and told me to call my OB/GYN to get treatment. I was really upset but the pediatrician assured me that thrush is quite common and easy to cure.

All in all, it took about 5 days for thrush to clear up. There have been no recurrences since then but I did take some precautionary measures and threw out all of her old pacifiers (Click here to look through my favorite brand of pacifiers) got news ones and thoroughly cleaned and steamed all of her favorite toys.

Has anyone here experienced thrush as well? Any tips or advice on how to deal with it?

Thanks for reading mamis! Have a great afternoon 🙂

OMG…a beautiful way to preserve your breastfeeding memories

I have recently discovered Etsy.com and I am completely hooked. I have gotten meatball several items from the site such as some beautiful handmade headbands, shoes and I just placed an order for a birthday tutu and party favors. I can’t wait to receive my haul. Upon leaving some feedback I was suggested (by the site) to look at Mommy Milk designs and I was BLOWN AWAY! This clever crafter found a way to incorporate preserved breast milk into jewelry. As a fervent breastfeeder, you already know I am ordering my pendant immediately. I would love to look at my pendant with meatball’s name and my milk years from now and smile at the incredible nursing experience I lived with her. It’s a tangible representation of the love I have for her and nursing. Amaze-balls.

If you’re curious about the pieces, browse the pics below or go to the site.


Even with locks of hair....LOVE!

My fave

My fave

Follow your natural mami instinct and hold your babies

I had a conversation with another new mom and we both commented on how we’re criticized about how much we hold our babies and how we should let our kids just “Cry It Out”. Sure that might be what most parents in our midst do but we concluded that we follow our natural mami instincts and do what feels right. That means we pick up our babies, hold them, soothe them, sing to them, but most of all ENJOY them while they’re still little. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day only ours matter.

Good night mamis…snuggle up to your babies and give them an extra little squeeze tonight 🙂